The first Frida Kahlo´s image that I saw was "La venadita herida”. (The wounded deer). It moved me deeply. It was not Christ, nor Saint Sebastian, it was a small deer with a woman´s face and nine arrows stuck in its body. In the painting it is looking something that we do not see, is it looking at us? Or is it looking at Death?

During the creative process of the film “Dos Fridas”, I experienced  unforgettable moments with people who had met Frida Kahlo and her nurse, Judith Ferreto. I therefore found out that Judith had felt possessed by the painter in her last years of life.

For many years I collected images, letters, paintings, biographies, writings, music of the times that Frida and Judith lived in.

I also searched  in the imaginary of popular Mexican  art :altarpieces or ex-votos, rituals and offerings.

I have wanted to enter the inner world of the characters, relive feelings; immerse myself in mythical rationality; interlacing the space-temporal continuum with the fragmentation of time, with the different dimensions, when imagination merges with reality and dreams are nourished by memories.