Ishtar Yasin Gutiérrez is a Costa Rican filmmaker and actress.

Her mother is the Chilean choreographer Elena Gutiérrez and her father the theater director Mohsen Yasin.

Since 1998, she direct creative documentaries and feature films.

She was born in Moscow, abd after the military coup in Chile, Ishtar and her family were exiled in Costa Rica.

Ishtar studies in the Costa Rican Art School Conservatorio Castella and in the State Cinema Institute of Moscow VGIK, with the Master Alexei Batalov.

She was awarded with First place in the National Acting Contest, “Pushkin”, in Moscow and in 1990 she had the leading role in the feature film “Full Moon” in Kazakhstan.

She complete a residence in the Centre d’Ecriture Cinematographique in the Moulin d’Andé, Normandy, France. In 1998 she founded Astarté Productions where she works as script-writer, director and producer.

In 2008 her first feature film “El Camino” was premiered in FORUM, in the Berlin International Film Festival. This film won 15 international awards, including the Special Jury Prize at the International Film Festival of Fribourg, the Fipresci Prize at the Guadalajara Film Festival and the “Tato Miller” Prize at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival.

In 2010 she travelled with an “Itinerant cinema” to Nicaragua and Haiti and makes the documentary “Les invisibles” in Puerto Prince.

In 2011 she initiated the development stage of her second feature film “Two Fridas”, which got the support of Ibermedia Fund.


1999 “Florencia of the Deep Rivers and the Big Sharks”- Short-film
2004 “I Remember You as You Were” - Short-film
2005 “The Happy Table” Medium - Length film
2008 “The Path” - Feature-film
2010 “The Invisibles” - Medium- length film
2012 “Exquisite Corpse” - Short-film
2014 “Apocalipsis of Our Time” – Medium film
2018 “Two Fridas” Feature-film